Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 31, 2016

Well, in November, I made sure to post every day. In December ... not so much! But, since this is the last day of the month ... and, the year ... guess I'll post ...
It's been an interesting month.
For the first time in my life, I've had someone who's not related living with us. It has really helped out, but ... I don't think she wants to stay.
I finally got the bathroom cabinet doors re-hung this past week, with the new hardware. Need to do some paint touch-ups, but it looks good. I hope to get the new faucet put in next week.
This past year, I've done a few things that I thought I'd never do or have a chance to do. I volunteered with a local horse rehabilitation and therapeutic riding group and hope to continue in the future. I participated in a non-violent protest with other water protectors at a local #NoDAPL rally. I've gotten more active online in trying to inform people about certain causes that I really believe in (protecting the environment, vaccine education, puppy mill awareness, wild horse protection, eating real food, equality, etc.) and will continue to do that daily. 
This coming year, I have hopes to get more done on the house. But, I really don't think that I am going to meet my goal of getting it in good enough shape to sell by Spring, 2018, so I can move to Washington. But, we shall see.
Online, I plan to cut back on FaceBook and get back to Twitter. I've already started dropping a bunch of the groups/likes/follows I've been following. By the end of the month, I should be done with that and pared down to just my friends and the few groups we are in together, or that I own/mod. I'll still be posting, of course, but not bogged down with all the other stuff that really does not interest me as much ... and, I plan to sell more on eBay and Craigslist. I really HAVE to cut back on all the stuff cluttering my life.
And, sewing. I have so much sewing to do!!! I had so many gifts laid out to do, but never got them done. So, they may be birthday gifts in the coming year, instead. I really need to start posting on my QuinGem's Quirky Qurafts blog when I make things ... my big goal is to replicate the star quilts that were made for my dad in the '30s. I just have to find the background material that may not be made any more. It's going to be a hard find ...
I want to cook more and may start posting on my QuinGem's Quisine blog, again. I kind of miss doing the step-by-step pictures, too.
I hope to read more books/ebooks and listen to more audiobooks/podcasts. I had got away from them part of the year due to computer issues, but catching up again. It gets me away from the crappy news and other online distractions. I'm currently listening to the Scumble River Mysteries by Denise Swanson. Today, I'm starting on Murder of a Pink Elephant. And, I'm back to reading with my eReader a story I started over a month ago! I lost the power cord to the eReader and couldn't re-charge it! Finally found another and will be reading a chapter a day, while riding my exercycle. The book I am currently reading is Murder on the Silk Road (The Charlotte Graham Mysteries) by Stefanie Matteson.
We've been watching some Agatha Christie mysteries and have more to watch as our dinner 'movie'. We just finished the Miss Marple series and have started on Agatha Christie's Poirot. Love these stories and read all the books as a kid. These are fairly well done, I think! We watch one episode each night. Tonight will be Murder in the Mews.
I really hope to get my sales going online again this year. I really need the money I used to make selling my graphics on various things in my online shop and also through affiliate linking. I have slacked off so badly with promoting them the past few years. I need to go through my shops and delete the non-selling images and really push the ones that used to make me money. And, add some new ones!!
I have set up a daily project calendar with reminders to do something for 15 minutes a day (the FlyLady Way!!) so that I will get more things done that need doing! Today, I'm helping my mom re-plant some strawberry plants that the roomie gave us. We're putting them in an old wooden crate that was my grandfather's.
And, speaking of FlyLady, I'm going to try to stick with her daily projects more in 2017. I was really hit-and-miss this year ... I still continue to do some of her basic stuff every day, that has become habit since I started following her about 7 years or so ago. It really helps!

Today's to-do list:
100 jumps on the trampoline - done
Re-plant strawberries - done
Hang quarter saver - done
Sort pennies - done
Declutter bedside table - done
Set out new faucet set - done
Read one chapter while on exercycle - done (32.34 minutes/394 calories burned/8.2 miles)
10 counter push-ups - done

Last month, I tried to track the things I consumed/ate/drank to remind myself of some of the things that cause me health issues. It just clarified to me that certain foods do cause me inflammation/pain/intestinal upset ... so, I need to get back to being strict with myself in the new year. I've found that my worst problems are still with anything corn-based, wheat-based, or with too much sugar. They really cause me pain in my joints and guts, which is all inflammation of a sort. I'm having the worst problems with my bad shoulder, bad ankle and mainly my lower back. All are from old injuries. My migraines have been very few and far between, though. So, that is a big plus. And, my breathing issues are very mild these days. Allergies are almost non-existent.

I've found that I must continue to supplement with Vit. D, high-dose Vit. C (as pure ascorbic acid), niacinamide, colloidal silver (homemade), magnesium (via Epsom salts, 'oil' and capsule) and a few other things. They are so important and really hard to get naturally (through food or other means.)

Got a reminder about jury duty the other day ... I got one in October and forgot about it! I moved my office back into my bedroom last month. I just looked through some papers on my other desk and found the original summons! Ugh. So, I sent an email to re-schedule. I don't want to do it, but they seem to have gotten stricter since they moved into the new courthouse ...