Friday, December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

I am wore out! I thought I might have an easy day after my cousin left a voicemail this morning to say he wouldn't be coming. He has a sinus infection and a dr. appt. for it. So, I decided to give Gypsy a much-needed haircut. Got that done and vacuumed up all the hair. I was just finished with lunch and went out to pull 'weeds' for the bunnies' dinner and here comes cousin! His doctor appt. didn't take as long as he expected ...
Soooo, we started tearing the deck down!!! We got all of the skirting and the frame that holds it tore out. It actually went faster than I expected it to. I got most of the bolts out that are holding the railing posts. I left a few in until we are ready to take that part down completely on Sunday. I worry about Gypsy going to the edge and falling before I can stop her (blind girl ...)
As you can see, it's a mess.
Currently the deck is 7x32 feet. We have to make it 6x32 feet or less, because it is too close to the edge of our space!!! Pisses me off! It was like that when I bought the damn place ... so, we have to modify it. BUT!! We have discovered that the original deck was only 4 foot wide. The frame is bolted into the concrete pad and the wood is in very good condition ... so, I am going to take pictures once we have the deck floor tore off and go to the permit place and ask them if we can just make it 4x32 and if I have to modify the submitted plans. That will cost us a lot less money if we can do that.

Guess what!? I might actually get my car smog tested this week! Cousin worked on it again on Wednesday and, so far, the check engine light has NOT come on. I've put over 100 miles on it. Last 2 times, we barely got it out of the driveway before it came on!! So, tomorrow, I'm going to see if the place he wants me to take it to has any openings. Fingers crossed that it will pass!!
Tomorrow, my mom and I are also going to the laundromat and get some of our clothes clean. It's very hard to get them really clean when the damn washer does not agitate. Cousin still hasn't decided what he wants to do about that. He may just buy us another one (the amount I owe him is mounting ...)

He also wants me to just file bankruptcy for all my old credit card debts. I think I may have to, at this point. I just need to find my old bills and see what all I owe to everyone - I think it is over $10,000. I need to get it all sorted before I sell this place ... Just need to find a place that will do it quickly and cheaply.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December 5, 2017

Cousin showed up yesterday afternoon. He put the washer back together. He hasn't figured out what to fix on it. So, it still doesn't agitate. He'll come again tomorrow and decide what to do with it.
My mom decided not to get a cat, after all! Yay! One less critter to have to figure out how to get it to Washington! If she still wants a cat after we move, we'll get one, I suppose. :/
Took her shopping at GoodWill today. She is stocking up on cold weather clothes. So, she found 5 tops and a nice trench-type coat with a hood and removable liner. Next month, she'll get pants and boots.
Then, we went to CostCo ... got a few things, then splurged on their whole pepperoni pizza. Brought it home and added olives. Several meals ahead from that. I know I'll have a stomach ache later ... :( Damn carbs and crap.
Gotta get back to the Low Carb/High Fat way of eating. I've been slacking a bit, lately. Want to get into ketosis in the next year, if I can. I was close to that a few years ago, I believe. I felt much better then.
Yeah, okay. Joint pain. That's what the wrong kind of carbs gives me. Hurting already ... my fault. :(
I've gotta make some Keto Fat Bombs tomorrow. Coconut oil and wild berries whipped together and frozen. Mmmm. Plus, making some almond butter. Hmmm ... an idea ... Fat bombs with almond butter centers! Must experiment.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 3, 2017

It's a waiting game for the cousin to arrive, as usual. Supposed to be a nice, sunny day today.
I just got done cleaning the rabbit cages, vacuumed the critter room, have the second load of laundry started. Robin has had his outside time and now Sheriff is outside for a few more minutes. About 30 minutes each to run around, dig in the dirt and eat 'weeds'.
Sheriff enjoying the nice morning.
Robin did not want to come in from outside ...
Packed another box of books. Trying to pack a box each day this month. Need more boxes this week.
Trimmed Gypsy's ears and vacuumed the kitchen floor.
I've now got a start on stripping all the old wallpaper paste off the kitchen walls. Yucky mess.

Whew. Cousin came and we got the downspouts attached and the cement done. Then, he tried to take the washer apart and can't get the damn back panel off without breaking the little plastic thingies ... so, he's gone home to play on his computer and see if he can find a site to figure it all out. He'll be back tomorrow ...
Alot of the aloe vera and other succulents/cacti are blooming.
The Paperwhites are blooming, too.
Ah. Great. My mom wants to get another cat, now ... why can't she wait until we move! I told her after Ezra, there would be no more cats!!!!! And, I know she'll want to buy canned and kibbled crap for it. Damn. And, she wants to get it at the shelter! Gah! Like I don't have enough to deal with right now.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December 2, 2018

Well, I thought cousin was going to come over today, but no show. Maybe tomorrow. But, I got a few things done today.
Brushed the dogs.
Tore my 15-year-old shredder apart and fixed it. It shreds again!
Painted the downspouts (had to run to the hardware store for more spray paint to finish) that attach to the carport posts. I now have a spray paint headache ...
Packed 2 boxes of books.
Replaced the rear passenger brake light on the car (nice man at the hardware store pointed out that it was dead.)
Made yummy snack -- I cut up one sourdough roll in about 2-inch chunks and deep fried in coconut oil. Dipped one side in powdered sugar. Made 8 pieces. Oh, yum! May make more tonight ... or tomorrow ... there are 7 more left-over, stale sourdough rolls from Thanksgiving to use up. :)

December 1, 2017

... Forgot to post this last night ...

Wow. This year is nearly done. It's gone by far too quickly for me. I still have much to do!
I am six months from my goal of getting out of this place. Still have a lot of repairs that need to be done, but making a little progress. The carport support posts have been replaced completely. Still have to paint the old downspouts and re-attach them tomorrow. And, have to cement the post brackets in the sidewalk (had to chip away some of the cement to get to the bolts.)
Next project is switching cars, as mentioned in my 11/19 post.
Then, the washer needs to be repaired. If it's not the gear box, cousin can fix it. If it is, he'll replace the washer. I'm going to owe him so much money ...
After that, the deck starts to be taken down. So, possibly next week.
I'm also finally going to start on the kitchen paint job next week. Need to wash the walls first to get all the old wallpaper paste off. Yuck.
This morning, I took my mom to the DMV to get a senior ID card. It's surprisingly free! Her driver's license expired in 2010! But, we never knew about ID cards. I just found out about it recently ... We were there nearly 2 hours! But, it's done. She'll need a current ID when we sell this place, to sign paperwork. And, also when we move to Washington and buy another place.
I talked to a merchandiser with another company while I was servicing one of my stores yesterday. She's with a greeting card company. I'll be looking into possibly getting on with them when I move. I'll still be transferring to my current company, but I know it may take a while for me to build a new route up there. So, I am going to look at other options for part-time work. But, I may be able to work more up there than I do here. I don't work much here, really, these days, because it means my mom is alone too long ... we have no friends here to check on her, if necessary ... hopefully, things will be different up there.
I clipped all the critters nails today. Sadly, I clipped two of Sheriff's nails short for the first time in his life. He was not happy and neither was I. Blood all over ... :( Poor bunny-boy.
Still trying to deal with the credit card lawsuit. My lawyer is now on maternity leave ... ugh. So, I talked to another lawyer there last Tuesday (it's the local free legal aid) and hope to settle it in about a month with a 10% lump sum offer ... if I can scrape together about $400 to do it. He said when I have the money, he'll draft a letter for me to submit ... so, we'll see. I hope I can do it. That will boost my credit score a bit. It's moved up to 620, so far. Need better than that, since my mom is at about 624 ...
This month there is very little work (December is always slow), so I should be able to make some progress on packing more things and doing more repairs. My goal is to get the kitchen walls, inside cabinets and drawers painted by the end of the month. That will be huge progress toward it being presentable for sale. There are quite a few other things that need to be done, but after the deck, the kitchen is the biggest. Then, the floors/carpeting and a few other little things and it should be good to go. I hope ...

Thursday, November 23, 2017

November 23, 2017

I hope everyone had a great day. I don't really 'celebrate' the day as most do. To me, it's just like the other invasion day ('Columbus Day'). I don't 'give thanks' or anything like that. My family never really did. It was just an excuse to make my mom cook for everyone and stress me out having so many pushy people around ... anyway. These days it's just an excuse to cook good food that we don't normally take the time to do. So, I made a bunch of stuff and my mom baked Cornish game hens in her NuWave oven.
Just made fresh whipped cream; whisked by hand - about 20 minutes. One pint of cream, 2 tsp. powdered sugar. Subtle sweetness. Yum.
I also made Cranberry-Pecan Brown Rice Stuffing (I added wild rice and pine nuts to the recipe) and Cranberry Sauce.
The stuffing was cooked seperately, but we split the hens and put some inside afterward. We also had black olives and sourdough rolls with lots of butter. Then, sweet potato pie with whipped cream.
Of course, I couldn't leave the dogs out.
Chopped turkey gizzards, celery leaves, apple with raw Mascarpone cream cheese.
Picky Nikky has never liked chicken gizzards, and she apparently doesn't like turkey gizzards, either ... she picked out the celery and apple to eat and licked all the Mascarpone off and left the gizzard pieces! Gypsy inhaled her dinner, so I didn't get a picture of her.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 19, 2017

It's been another crazy week for me. Friday was the worst. Migraine. Much better today, but tummy still annoyed with my brain ... at least my head is not trying to explode.

Last Saturday, my farmer came and got my chickens and coops. They are happily living at the farm, now. They are still hanging together and the farmer said they have to catch them out of the trees at night to put them in the coop so the wild critters don't get them. But, they will learn the routine there. I took this pic of them Thursday when I went for milk.
Silver, Goldie, Gracie, Fancy, Dominique and Snow. All there, but hard to see Gracie on the other side of Goldie.
Still packing and sorting more stuff. I was going through some old coin and stamp books that were my dad's and found an old newspaper clipping from 1949 of him looking at a lobby poster at the old Yolo Theatre. He was 11½. His big sister, Juanita, worked at the theatre during high school. Interesting article on the backside about the damming of the Blue Nile in Egypt.
Stupid car is still messed up after replacing the catalytic converter and another spark plug ignitor ... check engine light still comes on for the same ignitor ... cousin is going to trade cars with me again. He's going to get his mom's old car running (that I had after she died and before he gave me this Camry) and I'll use it while he tries to figure out the Camry's real problem. I just want to get rid of it now. Putting money into it is not accomplishing anything.
I did finally get the building permit on Monday, for the deck repair. Cousin was supposed to come over on Wed. to start replacing the carport awning supports, but it poured rain. He's supposed to come today, but haven't heard from him, yet. Need to get that done before we can start on the deck ...

Well, the supports are a bitch. We got one done! The old paint and rust on the bolts are a pain to break loose. Of course, they are at the top of the posts. And, at the bottom of the posts, we have to break through cement to get to the bracket! So, cousin is coming back on Tuesday and hope we can get the other 4 done.

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 6, 2017

It rained Saturday morning. Yay! We needed it. The dogs weren't thrilled, of course. They both hate to get wet. It's weird. They don't mind baths, but if it comes out of the air or is on the ground they'll rebel.
I went Friday to get the building permit for the deck. Bunch of red tape. Very annoying. I have to draw a diagram and a bunch of other stuff ... so, I have to go again Wednesday with that and the $196 fee. I hate driving in Sacramento traffic!
And, I'm waiting to find out if my order went through for the carport support columns ... haven't received the confirmation, yet. Might have to have cousin call them since it was his credit card I used.
My cousin got the catalytic converter for my car and put it on yesterday. I didn't even drive it 100 miles today and the &^@#?*& check engine light came back on!! I give up on this damn car!!
My farmer (that I buy milk from) will come to get my six chickens and their coops next weekend. I am giving them to him. I need to get the yard they are in cleaned and leveled.
Fry's had a really good promo code Friday and I got a new (refurbished) Dell computer for $47! It's Win10, but for that price I can learn to deal with it.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November 1, 2017

November. I can't believe it's already here ... So much to do, so little time ... still waiting on my cousin to get my car fixed and get the carport supports. I'll be getting the building permit next week for the deck.
I've decided that for the move, I'm going to get the U-Haul's U-Box containers to ship our stuff. We have so much stuff left, even after getting rid of a lot of things every week, that I'll still need at least a 20-foot truck and I can't drive one that big and pull a car hauler ... So, this makes more sense for just a couple hundred more dollars.
I've gotten rid of a lot more stuff the past couple of weeks. I have a bunch of things out today, as it was supposed to rain on the weekend, but now the forecast changed ... But, still getting rid of stuff on a weekday, so that's good. I'll have more to get rid of once I start emptying the shed out next week.
I am liking the Roku device, but my mom will never figure it out ... :/

I'll be finishing the painting of my bathroom ceiling tomorrow afternoon. Finally. Don't think I'm going to bother with painting inside the closet or cabinet as originally planned, though. I want to get started on painting the kitchen next. It will take quite a while for me to do ... Hope to get a lot of it done this next week, as I don't have much work to do (only have 3 stores to service ...)

Some of my lemons are nearly ready to harvest! I hope lemon trees grow well in Washington. I might save some seeds and take with me.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October 25, 2017

I can't believe this month is almost over!

I've gotten rid of a few more freebies on the driveway and more boxes packed since my last post. So, still moving forward to our big move, slowly.
I just got done taking the big table apart, so it will hopefully fit in whatever truck we use to move.
I'm finally getting the ceiling painted in my bathroom. Hope to finish that this weekend.
The chickens and their coops will be going to my farmer's place in about a month. Then, I'll have to start cleaning up their yard and leveling it somehow ...
I bought a Roku stick last week. Trying to get my mom to adjust to it ... not working ... She insists she NEEDS certain channels. Hope I can get her trained before we move. I do not want cable TV when we move. Just good internet. And, a good outdoor rotary antenna. I've tried 3 different indoor antennas and none of them pick up more than 2 or 3 channels without moving it and she has NO patience to do that, either ...
I finally took the time to take my old computers apart and see what I could get working. The XP finally died, but I saved the HD and will get an external box for it. I also saved one of the Win7 HDs and it is now an external. I saved the other Win7 completely!! It's like new! I'm using it right now. Thank goodness, as it had been my favorite computer before all the problems began a couple years ago with them. Now, my little Vista laptop can go into semi-retirement. I am going to hold off on getting the dreaded Win10 as long as possible. I see nothing but problems with other people who are stuck with it.
And, I can watch videos on the computer again. (The Vista wouldn't play them for the past year or so - they just jump or stall. It takes about 20 minutes to get through a 3 minute vid.) And, I can upload/download movies, etc. again! :)
So, the move is still on. I am looking into a lot of areas and eliminating some. Anderson Island still has the cheapest land west of the Cascades, but it has several obstacles which I can't overlook. Mainly, the HOA costs, the ferry costs (why is there no discounted monthly or yearly pass for island residents!!?) and it is nearly impossible to find any non-HOA property that I could afford and have the animals I want on it. So, I've pretty much given up on that area. I don't want to live in a condo, apartment or mobile home park or HOA. I need to have room for critters and an area that allows small livestock (mainly chickens, mini goats, mini horses). My mom wants an acre ... I know when we move, we'll have to rent an apartment for at least two months while we search out properties. So, most of my stuff is going to have to go into storage when we get there. I wish I had the extra money to take a trip up there, but until this place sells, that won't happen. So, it's not going to happen ... because once this place sells, we have no place for my mom or the critters to wait for me to come and get them ... we all have to move at that time.
I'm getting so tired of the hot weather here. Nearly 90° today ... It's almost November, for crying out loud!
I got all my projects done for the day:
Cleaned doves' cages
Cleaned dog yard with OdoBan
Took big table apart
Painted section of bathroom ceiling
3 loads of laundry done
Boiled dozen eggs (I'm going to miss having my own eggs for a while ...)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Wow. The fires in Napa, Sonoma and Santa Rosa are just devastating. Thousands of buildings destroyed and hundreds of people missing (not to mention all the animals ...) ... And, the smoke is hovering down here in the Sacramento Valley. And, the ash ... I had to service a store up in Dunnigan, which is about 19 miles north of me. The fires are about 35-40 miles SE. There are a lot of other fires that may be contributing to the smoke, but those are the closest. I took these on my 20-minute drive up Interstate 5, between Woodland and Dunnigan. When I pulled into the truckstop (it's a Pilot/Flying J), about ten Nevada Department of Forestry trucks were pulling out. Probably heading out to help with some of the fires. They took the north-bound ramp, so may have been headed to the Clear Lake fires. Thank you.

From north edge of Woodland
Nevada Department of Forestry trucks
You should be able to see the foothills to the Coastal range in the distance, but smoke is blocking that view.
Oh, and I just took the dogs out a few minutes ago and heard a LOT of birds in the distance. They were resting in a big old oak a couple blocks away. So, I zoomed my camera in just as they were leaving. Got a few blurry shots. I wonder if they were resting here, getting out of the fire zones.

Monday, October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017

September was a crazy-busy month. Now that we are set on going to Washington, my mom is determined to get things sorted and packed ahead of time so we are not doing it all at the last minute. I can't seem to keep her in boxes; we keep running out.
As we are going room-by-room, sorting through things, I am getting rid of a lot of stuff. I've been having 'freebie weekends' and putting everything I'm not keeping out on the driveway with a free sign and advertising on Craigslist. What is left each Monday gets donated to the thrift store. I think it is averaging about 80% gets picked up by Sunday. Not bad, really.
All gone, except the Lazy Susan that I decided to keep after putting it out several times ...
All gone
All gone
All gone
All gone
All gone
All gone
All gone
All gone
All gone, except the hat, vests and plastic baskets. They'll go out next weekend with more stuff, as I didn't go to the thrift store today. And, I didn't put anything out Sunday because of the terrible winds.
Some of the packing and stacking.
A bit of progress in 9 days ...
As far as the repairs go ... Cousin had an air conditioner repairman come out last Thursday ... nothing wrong with it!! Guy replaced the breaker, but still no go ... he thought it might be the main line going into the main box, which he can't repair. So, today I had a PG&E repairman come out. It is NOT the main line ... he says one of the main breakers is out. There are two. One is working, the other is not. Hence, why only half of our house has no electricity ... Soooo, cousin is going to come over tomorrow afternoon and replace it and hope that is really the problem, after all this time ... I've replaced nearly every outlet in the house, too ...
Sometime this week, he also plans to replace the catalytic converter on the car, so it can pass the smog test and I can get the license tags. I already paid the registration. I hope the smog tests in Washington aren't so annoying ... ha!
We need to order the support posts for the carport soon. Couldn't find a local place to buy them. So, have to have them shipped from a place in Fairfield. It will be around $300. And, it will be about that to re-do the floorboards on the deck. But, I also need to get a building permit for that and it is $196.
I bought some of the paint for the kitchen. I got the white to do inside the cabinets and drawers. I'll get the creamy yellow color next month. That will be for the walls, ceiling and trim on the cabinet doors/drawers.
And, here are a couple of pics of Nikky and Gypsy I took yesterday. I had to give Gypsy a total haircut. I know I'm going to be too busy to really keep her 'in coat' the way I like and I don't want her to get matted. Just so many things to get done before we move.  Nikky's new thing is to constantly lick Gypsy, lately! So, today, Gypsy got fed up and started to lick on Nikky and there has been arguing ... :/
I was really hoping we might be able to get some land on Anderson Island, WA. But, I'm really not liking some of the politics going on there right now, as far as HOA fees, etc. And, the ferry rates ... disappointing, as that is where the cheapest land is ... so, I am learning about foreclosures, which is a huge learning curve that is not sinking in very well ... my mom is determined to have an acre of land like we had in Florida ... she doesn't seem to comprehend the amount of money we will have to play with once we get there. It all really hinges on how much we get for this place, though. My hope is after paying the bank what we still owe, the money Curtis is putting into repairs and the moving/storage expenses (& probably renting for about two months,) that I'll still have around $30,000 to put down on something cheap. If I can get something in foreclosure for a low price, that would be great, too. There are several places for sale, here in the park, since the space rent hike. I think a few more will be going by next year, too. I can't wait to be one of them. Things have changed quite a bit here since we bought our place in 2009. It's disappointing.