Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017

Well, about 3 hours ago, I turned 54 ... happy birthday to me ... :/
Thanks to all for the wishes and to my best friend, Darla, and her family for the gifts. :)

It's been a busy few weeks. Work projects are driving me nuts, as usual. Seems every store chain is getting display resets all at the same time!! I've been working with a slipped disk for over a month and it has been terrible. But, I think I finally am recovering. I don't need my cane, now, so that is a plus.

I've discovered a new health tip and I think it is helping, especially with my back. It's called Inclined Bed Therapy. I raised the head of my bed about 2 inches, so far. I just had some extra pieces of wood that I set the legs of the headboard on. I did that about a week ago. But, I found a set of bed risers at the thrift store the other day, so I am going to raise it to 5 inches and see how much more that helps. I have to be careful with the bed, though. It was my grandfather's and I don't want to damage it by putting stress on the joints!! It's about 100 years old! I'll be taking the little wooden wheels off and I think that will help.

I'll be taking the big desk apart to throw most of it away today. I may keep the upper shelves ... maybe. It was my aunt's computer desk and is made of that cheap, crap pressed wood. It's falling apart and is just too big/takes up too much room.

I did it! I took the big desk completely apart and put the majority of it in the garbage can. The top, I'll have to take the sledgehammer to sometime next week and then it will go in the garbage. I kept one of the desktop shelves and will use it on my craft table.
After lunch, I'll start moving my office around. I want the window seat to actually be under the window - shocking, I know! haha! Then, Papa's desk that I am now using will move back out there (it's in my bedroom ...) and the draft table and file cabinets. The exercise equipment will be moving into my bedroom.
Tomorrow, I'll be working on raising the end of my bed. And, yes, I'm being very careful not to mess my back up again! Taking it all slowly.

In other news, the man who bought a bunch of my doves last year came and bought 2 more doves and one of the rabbits!! Yay! He's a very nice guy; a magician who works in Lake Tahoe. He wanted to come last month, but the snows were just too much for his vehicle. He's originally from Spain!! Anyway, another of his kids is wanting in on the magic act, so the doves and rabbit are for him. So, he got Dovelet and Wo-ya, the younger doves and Patty, the Dutch rabbit. If it turns out that we will be able to move to Washington, he will come and get the older doves next year. If not, I will be keeping them. I still do want to find homes for Parker and Kayla (rabbits), though. I will be keeping Robin and Sheriff, the male rabbits.

Wow! I am amazed at how much more room there is with that one awkwardly-shaped piece of furniture gone! I don't have to move the exercise equipment into my bedroom!

"The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the dust and blood of our
-- Plenty Coups, Crow