Sunday, September 3, 2017

September 3, 2017 - Gold Rush Days

It was a little bit cooler today ... supposed to 'only' get to 103°F today. Seven degrees cooler than yesterday.
I didn't stay in Old Town very long today - I left around 2pm. I listened to 2 of the guest lecturers that came for the Mag7 convention. Then, I went out and wandered around waiting for the last Pony Express ride. It was interesting and almost a big tragedy. One of the horses decided she was done and got away. Luckily, she knew her name and the announcer shouted it over the microphone and she stopped just shy of the cobblestone road and the other rider grabbed her bridle. If she hadn't stopped she would have ran into the crowd at that end of the grassy area.
I took lots of pictures of horses and plaques today.
The Pony Express began here.
Plaque at the base of the statue.
Fire Brigade
The horse that ran off.
Thank goodness, I am off tomorrow. I need to give my broken toe a rest after wearing cowboy boots all weekend! I am icing it right now.

Friday, September 1, 2017

September 1, 2017 - The Magnificent Seven Convention

Today was the start of the Mag7/Old West convention. The actors were there today. The next two days are for guest lecturers/demonstrations of things from the Old West.
I really enjoyed meeting and listening to the 3 Magnificent Seven actors who came. Anthony Starke, Dale Midkiff and Andrew Kavovit were there to reminisce about their time on the show and talk about some of the things they are doing these days. They are a lot of fun together and the cameraderie they had on the show still holds true today. I got my picture taken with Tony and also his autograph. :) Such a sweetie.
I was a little annoyed about the pictures. There was no photographer ... they just took pics with your own camera ... lucky I brought mine ... if I had known, I would have removed the date setting ... :/ Oh, well ... I'll have to crop it when I print it ...
As a volunteer, I felt, though, that there was a decided lack of communication ... the schedule said to come help set up, etc. at 7am ... the Railroad Museum does not open until 10am ... so, we sat around for 3 hours waiting to get in ... :/ The actors didn't all get there until almost 11 ... they were worth the wait ... but, still ...
And, with the heatwave, Gold Rush Days shortened their event schedules and stopped at 2pm, which worked out since our panel/photo ops/autographs were over around that time, too. So I got home around 3. There is a premier of Dale's newest movie, 21 Outs, starting at 6 tonight, but I did not plan on staying for that ... it's a baseball movie ...
I will be there at 10 tomorrow to help with check-ins.
Here are today's pictures. Sadly, my camera was acting up (flash kept failing ...) and some of the pictures look like there is a line through them.
Tomorrow, I may roam around Old Town and see some of the re-enactments.
The cannon was being fired across from the Railroad Museum. The re-enactors' tents are in the background.
This is at the entrance of the Railroad Museum.
Anthony Starke played Ezra P. Standish.
Dale Midkiff played Buck Wilmington.
Andrew Kavovit played JD Dunne.
There was one guest lecturer today. It was very interesting.
Pictures that Tony had available for autographing.
My autographed picture. I decided to get one at the last minute. I wish I had printed out one of my graphic creations to have him sign. But, this one is nice. :) One of his best scenes when Ezra's confronting his mother, Maude (who was played by Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas!)